When Is It a Good Time of the Year to Buy an RV

Owning an RV is the perfect way to have the ultimate freedom to travel around the country; any time you are able. However, when you want to buy an RV you should consider many different variables in order to find the best possible deal. We’ll show you those now…

Apart from all the other variables, such as fuel and RV’s features, there are certain time periods during the year that it is highly advisable to search for used motorhomes. Nashville RV typically begins selling last years models at discount prices right around September.

Buy an RV with Nashville RV Special Deals

If you are considering buying a used RV for sale, best do it when the new models are about to launch. Nashville RV purchases all new motorhomes every year, and in doing so need to sell the previous years rental units. These RV’s are rental units with low mileage and low use. Seeing as an RV may only be rented a handful of times through the year, they’re always well inspected. We list our RV’s near wholesale prices so they sell out quickly.

Buying an RV from an Owner

When you purchase an RV from a private owner, there’s often no telling the true condition of the motor coach unless they’ve had our RV service team go through it and test all the features to ensure they’re all working. Features include the mechanics of the RV, the drivetrain, interior compartments, AC, Furnace, Refrigerator, Water pump(s) etc. Most owners sell when they realize they’ve purchased too large or small of an RV. Consider visiting our showroom where you can spend some time determining the proper size RV for you and your family.

Post-Holiday Second Thoughts

Many people experience some second thoughts about RV ownership when they return from an RV holiday. This is due to the maintenance and storage they must do to their used motorhomes. This is one of the biggest reasons people sell their RVs before they really get used to them; this is also ideal for you to save some money buying an RV after summer vacation. September is an excellent month for an RV purchase, assuming you found the right seller. It is also highly possible that the RV’s owner may want to replace it with a new model as he too knows that the best time to find deals on RVs are during September. Therefore, he may be in a hurry to sell his RV, and this will definitely help you buy an RV with the lowest possible rate.

Fuel Costs May Increase

When buying used RVs, you should always consider the rising fuel costs. Whenever fuel prices increases significantly, prices of RVs decrease as well. Most owners feel the need to sell as low as possible because they are unable to maintain a vehicle with such high fuel needs. Therefore, a nice trick is to keep up with current fuel costs in your area. Whenever you see them get really high, that’s one of the best times to search for used motorhomes.

RV Storage Issues For Some RV Owners

After the summer holiday is the perfect time period to buy an RV. Some new RV owners hadn’t realized they need a place to winterize and store their RV and don’t have the space themselves. Used motorhomes need to be winterized before storing during the winter months. Therefore, owners are obliged to rent storage space for winter, and most people don’t want to do this year after year. So about the middle of September is the best time to buy an RV from someone. If you have the space available and are willing to learn how to winterize an RV, you’ll save a great deal of money. If you need assistance winterizing your RV, please visit Nashville RV service.

Pre RV Buying TIP:

When you find that perfect RV, be sure to have an RV technician go through the unit testing each part for function and performance. A regular mechanic is not an RV technician, so just know that a test at your local garage may not find issues with the inner workings of an RV. All of the RVs for sale at Nashville RV come pre-tested and certified.

Use this opportunity to buy an RV from Williams Coach in Nashville TN. This is the ideal period to start looking for a used RV for sale. You will definitely find more selling ads from any other time of year. This way you can make sure you can achieve the lowest rate possible regarding the features of your preferred RV.

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