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When you’re on the road and need RV service or repair in a personal or rental RV the worst thing that can happen is the RV breaking down. Always try to remain calm if your RV has broken down on the side of the road. Remember that you are not in danger if following our tips. Turn on your hazard blinkers to warn other drivers then attempt to move away from traffic (if you’re on a highway) if you can. In addition, if you have cones, place them around the RV. The next step is to get to an RV shop so your vehicle can be repaired, this can be handled by your roadside assistance company or by calling Williams Coach (if in Tennessee).

RV Service Roadside Assistance?

One of the main problems with roadside assistance is that the tow company called is almost never given the correct information about the size of your motorhome. Most tow companies will send a wrecker or flatbed. That’s fine (sort of) if you are in a Class B, but if you’re in a standard Class C or even a large Class A, the towing company must send a semi-hauler. Let me tell you, a semi hauler is an expensive tow. Not to mention, the waiting… that’s right – it will take up to one hour to get the initial tow truck en-route and at your location. Then, the tow operator should acknowledge that his vehicle is too small to tow your RV. Then, you’ll need to make contact with the roadside assistance company yet again to let them know of the problem.

If you tell the tow operator to send a larger truck, now the bill is on your shoulders. The roadside assistance company MUST schedule the truck to tow you. Ask them this question when you’re just about to sign and pay for service, you’ll be surprised of their answer.

Before you head out on the open road, you need to check with your roadside assistance company to determine what is actually covered. You may be surprised that they might not cover mileage, or a larger tow vehicle equipped to handle the size of your motor-home. Calling a professional RV repair company like Williams Coach, you’ll be pleased to note our mechanics can easily diagnose the problem right there on the side of the road.

At this time, if you have emergency roadside assistance, call them. They will talk you through the situation and call someone to pick you up. If you don’t have roadside assistance, don’t panic, you can call us and we’ll send a RV technician or schedule a semi-hauler to come get you. If your RV is under a warranty, inform us and we can handle the payment via your manufacturer or dealer. Forgetting this step could mean paying for the repairs out of pocket, completely negating the reason you are insured in the first place. If you’re lucky, the dealer or road side assistance member may give you instructions on where to take your vehicle to get repaired.

If your phone doesn’t have a signal, you will need to flag someone down to use their phone or to help you get to the nearest point of service. If you were using your RV instead of a hotel, it may be time to go to a hotel or find a shop that will let you stay overnight while your RV is being repaired. Williams Coach is partnered with Nashville RV to help you get on the road if your RV will take more time than normal to repair. We can also help find you local accommodations.

Depending on the age of your RV, the cost can be great. Consider your emergency fund to see if you can pay for all the repairs. If you can’t, find alternative ways to pay for the repairs so the vehicle can be released. Otherwise, decide what needs to be repaired so the RV is at minimal, functional. One way to prepare for accidents is to keep some spare parts around such as an extra tire and a basic toolbox. Rest assured, Williams Coach will go through all options with you prior to beginning any RV service or motorhome repairs.

Has Your RV been in an Accident?

If the RV was involved in an accident, you’ll want to go to a safe area, stop and exit the vehicle. If you were traveling with anyone or if someone else is involved, check on them to see if they’re ok; call local authorities to properly report the incident; gather as much information as you can about the situation; document what happened as well as new information; and file a claim with your insurance company. We can also help with filing an RV service or motorhome repair report. Williams Coach does bodywork on all makes and models of RV’s.

Lastly, no matter where you end up, most likely there will be attractions around you to help while you wait for your RV to be repaired. While your RV is being repaired, check local car or RV rental services or other modes of transportation. Depending on the weather and the terrain, biking may be an interesting way to see the sites, get a bit of exercise and burn away stress caused by the situation.

For fast, value added, RV service & repair, contact Williams Coach in Nashville. We’ll send a qualified RV mechanic technician to your location. So if you’re stuck on the side of the road in your RV or have electrical, plumbing, have roof leak problems or are simply looking to get thorough Spring RV maintenance, contact our Nashville RV repair team at (615) 535-3300

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