2017 RV Summer Service and Maintenance Plans

Summer’s coming up, you know what that means? Vacation, vacation, vacation! Whether you’re traveling with the kids or just your significant other, planning should be number one on your to-do list. If you’re looking to save money on the vacation by RV’ing in your family motorhome, these tips are just for you. Before you even crank up the RV or pull it out of storage, RV maintenance is the first task you should complete. Making sure your RV is in tip top shape is the foundation of a good vacation.

Read Your RV Manual

Each RV comes with a manual going over its components and mechanisms. It might seem unnecessary, but if anything goes wrong, you’re going to want to know where everything is, how to turn things on or off and what some buttons and switches do. If the manual is too dense for you, there are many YouTube channels that will help you. Many like RVEducation 101 and RVTravel will give you information on roof and generator maintenance, door lock repair, sanitizing your water sources and other essential RV tips. If you need a manual for your RV (whether new or an antique) contact us. We have leads and free downloads of most RV owners manuals for most motorhomes on the market. If you need service, then visit Williams Coach for professional RV maintenance, service and repair.

RV Roadside Assistance

If you’re renting or buying an RV, chances are you’re going to get plenty of miles on it. If this is the case, consider buying roadside assistance. It can be a life saver if something goes wrong, especially if you’re far from home. Finding a tow truck or shop if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere will either be impossible or their service will be very expensive. Spending $100 or so a year for roadside assistance is an important safeguard to have for RV ownership. Some companies specialize in big trucks, so they’ll know how to tow with your vehicle if needed. Calling on a Williams Coach service specialist may help you get back on the road without a tow. Our mobile RV technicians can come to you whether you’re on the side of the road or in a campground.

RV Maintenance and Repair Budget

Unless you’re going to do the repairs yourself, setting aside funds for emergency RV service is important. Because RV parts can be expensive (i.e. new class C ties are about $225 per tire and class A tires are about $450 to $650 per tire), so you want to be prepared. Setting aside $1,000 to $3,000 is a good amount to save up for any maintenance or service issue you may have with your motorcoach.

Where to go for professional summer RV maintenance

When you need to have someone work on your RV, look for the best option. Talking to other RV drivers online can be a great resource if there aren’t any around you. Returning to where you got the RV is another place to find maintenance workers as the RV dealer should have a list of suggestions. Depending on your RV type, truck shops are a great place to look for RV maintenance as most RVs are similar to trucks. Lastly, if something specific happens to your RV, such as the suspension breaking, seek a specialist. For instance, if the suspension is having issues visit a suspension specialist. If you’re in the Nashville area, consider using our maintenance and services. We also do bodywork on all motorhomes as well as interior work (carpets, plumbing, shelving, etc).

One of the Most Important RV Maintenance Items is The Roof

RVs are especially susceptible to environmental and sun damage. Our first tip: before you store your RV for the winter, it is best to keep the vehicle under an RV carpet or a traditional RV cover. This information may seem obvious, but there are many cases where RVers forget the basic rule of maintenance. If your RV is left outdoors and not covered during the winter months, this can create unseen future problems within your RV. If your motorhome isn’t brand new, let our service experts check the roof. Because it isn’t always seen, issues can fester and hinder your experience, especially when walls become weak or covered in black mold. What you can’t see behind the walls can be harmful to your family. RV roof replacement and repair has a price tag, but it’s worth it for the added security.

When you’re ready to head out on the open road, consider Williams Coach for your rv maintenance and service needs. We can check all major and minor items and options throughout your RV. From the roof to the black tank, we will test all items for proper maintenance and wear. Call or schedule an appointment today and travel with peace of mind.

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